5-Layered Anti-Viral N95 Certified – Abstract Lines

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  • 5 Layered Mask contains - Printed premium Cotton outer layer + Spunbond Fabric + 2 Meltblown layers of particle filtering media + Polyester Dry-fit inner layer. There is no an exhalation valve or carbon filter.
  • All the filter media in this mask is sewn into the middle layers of the mask and is not replaceable.
  • Other material Includes – Elastic ear loop with silicon adjusters for the perfect fit and comfort. Aluminum noseband and foam based nose bridge pad to assure a snug fit.


  • One size fits all. Width is 7 Inches and Length is 6 inches.
  • Measure LENGTH from the middle of your nose to about a little over an inch under your chin. The WIDTH is from the middle of your left cheek to the middle of your right cheek.


  • All our masks are reusable filtering mask with two layer of filter media, sewn into middle of the mask: a highly efficient particle filter for protecting from inhaled microscopic particles and contaminants in poor air quality.
  • CLICK HERE to view Technical Specifications more in details.


  • Our Mask and Filter Media both tested as per NIOSH standards in an ISO Certified laboratory. CLICK HERE to see certifications.


  • We do not recommend washing Anti-Viral (sewn in filter) mask since it reduces the filtration capacity of the mask.
  • To disinfect the mask, you can 1) Using a UV sterilizer, 2) Sunning the mask in the day or airing it in a fanned room so that all the moisture on the mask is dry will kill any virus.


  • The filtering efficiency of a mask depends on a proper fit. Please refer to size chart.
  • Normally people replace their mask each year; in environments of high particulate matter such as poor air quality conditions, it is recommended the mask be replaced every 5-6 months, or when a noticeable increase in breathing resistance occurs.