Kavach masks are clinically certi1ied and tested Air pollution masks and scarves that are made from activated charcoal and N99 Nonwoven micro1iber 1ilter. Due to such features of mask, our Antipollution masks and scarves 1ilters about more than 95% up to 99% pollution particles including PM10, PM2.5 and even PM 0.3 microns.
PM being the abbreviation of Particulate Measure aka Fine Particles are tiny air pollution particles that are present in the Outdoors due to the smoke emitted by the vehicles, 1ires from forest 1ires and volcanic eruptions, and manufacturing plants. These particles are also emitted in indoor environments via mediums like tobacco smoke, cooking, burning candles or oil lamps and operating 1ireplaces for heating space or heating water.
With continuous and long term exposure towards these Fine Particles above the standard Air Quality Standards, humans and animals can face many severe health issues. So, when you wear Kavach Antipollution masks and scarves, you can protect yourselves from these following problems


Protection against Respiratory Infections caused due to poor Air Quality


When people inhale polluted air into their body, they are exposed to various acute respiratory infections. These infections are caused when the Fine Particles enter our respiratory system and settle in our Lungs. Also, the smog and the smoke in the air can also cause breathing problems for many people.

When you wear Kavach Antipollution Masks and scarves, you can protect yourselves from these hazardous problems that are caused by polluted air. Because of its N99 Nonwoven micro1iber 1ilter media and activated charcoal based 1ilter, the polluted air is 1iltered up to 99% and you can inhale clean and pollution free air.

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Protection against majority of contagious airborne infections and diseases


There are many common infections whose pathogens are transmitted in the air and are contagious in nature. Covering your nose and face completely is a highly-effective method of protecting one’s self from these airborne diseases and infections. Kavach is designed in a way that covers your face and nose in a non invasive way to protect you from these harmful air contaminants.


Protection against Allergies


For those people who has a sensitive nose against allergens, exposure to various pollen particles in dust, odour or air can trigger reactions and result in an allergy. Because of our unique design and N99 Nonwoven micro1iber 1ilter our mask 1ilters the pollens that can cause allergies and thus provide complete protection against these allergies.

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Protection against Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)


COPD is basically a lung disease which can be diagnosed in patients due to long-term breathing problems and poor air1low. This disease is very commonly found everywhere in the world due to the poor air quality and India itself witnesses more than 10 Million cases of COPD every year. Also, once the patient is infected, the treatment can help reduce the effects but the disease cannot be cured.

One major cause of these diseases is long term exposure towards irritating gases or constant exposure to Fine Particles present in the air. Kacach antipollution masks and scarves 1ilter 95% to 99% of these Fine Particles and thus allow you to protect yourselves from COPD.


Protection against Cardiovascular Diseases and Heart Stroke


According to medical data, pollutants present in the air can cause in1lammatory effects on the heart, causing chronic cardiovascular problems. Due to long-term exposure towards polluted air, the heart can be deprivation from oxygen and its in1lammatory effects can also irritate the lungs and blood vessels around the heart. Over time it can also increase the process of disease in the arteries. Our advanced antipollution masks can help you breathe clean air and thus help in keeping such chronic diseases in check.



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