Who are we & What so unique about our product?

Kavach Mask is India’s first category creator in fashion startup that invented mask scarfs for women to cover their faces and that too with added layers of PM 2.5 air filter. We have two styles in Mask Scarf and both of them are official DESIGN PATENT. This design patent gives us the right to prevent others from making or selling our products or products that resembles to design of our product. 

Typically, women wear a dupatta/stole or normal face cover scarf available in the market. These products are just pieces of cloth, they can protect their skin and hair, but they render ineffective when it comes to protecting them from air pollution. To solve this dilemma, we came up with the idea of ‘Mask Scarf’ to provide multiple solutions through just one product. We started our R&D with the aim to invent a unique product that could help them with both – Pollution and UV rays. We spent a tremendous amount of time in designing, creating prototypes, and researching for the right fabric. 

One of the main features is PM 2.5 filter. All of our mask scarves have an in-built pocket to insert a replaceable PM 2.5 Filter which effectively protects the user against harmful airborne particles and the dreaded air pollution. We use premium quality sweat-free Printed Poly Crepe, Rayon, and Cotton fabric. Because of the fabric’s density, it’s easy to roll which occupies very less space in the purse and is crease-resistant. They are structured in a way that if the woman is using a mask scarf to cover her head or face, it can also be styled as a neck scarf or cape top. Indeed, the Kavach Mask scarf is an integration of fashion and protection. 

Our aim is not only to provide the ideal product for women’s health, we wanted to empower women as well. Our vision is to give employment to as many women as we can in the communities we work. Rather than aiming for mass production and cheaper labor, we focused on uplifting women by giving them the opportunity to earn money and be self-sufficient. Kavach Mask is a perfect example of “For women, by women”. 

What you can expect from us?

You are more than just a customer; we regard you as a valued partner. At Kavach Mask, the very special kind of a personal distribution partnership really makes the difference. In other words, we follow the idea of quality over quantity. This is our philosophy that is expressed in the way we select and care about distributors, give them the support they need and help them to grow their sales business.

By joining our network of distributors, you’ll have access to our industry leading products as well as technical and marketing support, including:

  • Access to exclusive marketing material including editable versions of marketing documents and high resolution images for advertising
  • Distributor discount, promotions and offers throughout the year
  • Trade show and exhibition support
  • Sales and technical support via phone, email or Skype
  • Online training and webinars

Our Reselling Partner:

We offer reseller opportunities on selected products. We allow you to resell under our brand name only. There is a minimum order requirement per month for reselling our products. For women looking for home business opportunities, our reseller program is highly rewarding. To know details send a WhatsApp on +919978835084 or email at contact@kavachmask.com

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