One of the biggest problems with living in a country with such a wide population is – pollution. Pollution comes in all forms; heat, sand, residual odour, dust and whatnot. These are the pollutants which we are aware of; apart from this there are pollutants that are not visible to the eyes. These are the ones which do the maximum damage. To battle this unknown enemy – men and women are seen everyday using stoles and handkerchiefs to cover their faces. These stoles and handkerchiefs are perfect for day to day use to protect the face from dust, heat and sand, but they are not fit to protect the nostrils. This allows the micro – pollutants to enter the respiratory system, via the nostrils. These pollutants lead to a numerous health issues in the human body, which usually develop at a later stage.

We conducted a survey of people from all walks of life; people who commute daily for work via two wheelers, cyclists, joggers, and a few others. The most common answer was unawareness of the existing pollutants apart from dust, sand and residual odours in the air. The ones who knew of the risks that exist in the air leading to several long term health issues, didn’t have enough options available in the market. The masks available in the market are quite basic and not entirely functional for the very purpose people require it for. And if the people even find one, they wouldn’t satisfy their style quotient.

Kavach – which means armour, aims at providing trendy yet functional accessories to the end users for protection against all forms of pollutants. These come in the form of scarves and unisex masks for day to day protection against pollution.

Reason for starting Kavach

In a survey by the World Health Organisation, it was revealed that ‘Air Pollution’ is a major contributor to human deaths with more than 4.2 million people dying every year.

World Health Organisation has also revealed in their reports that inhaling poor quality of air is one of the world’s largest indirect health risks. Approximately 90% of the world’s population as on date is breathing air harmful for their bodily functions. Breathing fresh air is a basic human need. An average human takes 20,000 breaths a day; let that sink in. Approximately 20,000 breaths of polluted air are being taken in by an average human being on a daily basis.

The function of healthy air is to boost our productivity and bodily functions. Breathing polluted air can severely damage one’s health and can lead to asthma, respiratory diseases, cancer, strokes and many more damaging diseases. Exposure to polluted air for a longer term can prove fatal and may also result into death. These problems account for approximately 4.2 million deaths annually. It is about time that people took air pollution and its concurrent health effects seriously.

face mask
face mask

How do we intend to start the revolution?

It is our hope to put in efforts to provide products with effective measures to protect people from the pollutants in air, smoke and sunlight; but with panache.

We have came up with trendy and fashionable anti – pollution masks and scarves that provides protection to the users from harsh sunlight and also provides up to 99% clean air to breathe whenever they are outdoors. Our masks and scarves are made from activated charcoal and N99 nonwoven microfiber filters which are clinically certified and tested. The activated charcoal along with the N99 nonwoven microfiber in Kavach filters up to 99% pollution particles including PM 10, PM 2.5 and even PM 0.3 microns (PM – Particulate Matter).

Giving Back to The Society

Kavach wishes to be a beacon of positivity and hope, and help people raise their voice for environmental safety and humanity. Kavach products are beautifully crafted and super functional for everyday use for a breath of – fresh air!
It is our belief that along with the message that we intend to beam out; we also wish to give back to the society. This action is for a greater good. A good that benefits the society as whole. Every time a person buys a Kavach anti – pollution mask or scarf, our team will provide a medical mask to a paediatric / cancer ward patient – free of cost. We wish to help the ones fighting for their survival from horrendous diseases, with the best quality products to protect them self from harmful contaminations and rigorous effects of polluted air; both indoors and outdoors. This is all in line with providing a top range of products to people to protect themselves from air pollution on a regular basis.

face mask


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