Face Cover Scarf at Affordable Rate

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  • Our Scarf is made of premium Printed Rayon. This fabric is non-allergenic, breathable, sweat absorber and skin friendly.
  • Cap is stitched with the scarf to enhance support and comfortability while riding vehicle. The straps fabric of face mask are adjustable; you could easily tie them over back of your head as per your comfort.
  • The scarf has in-built pocket to insert replaceable PM 2.5 Filter. This pocket is stitched with fabric where it covers your face like face mask. This PM 2.5 filter has 5 layers which includes activated carbon and nonwoven melt blown filter cloth. It’s 5 layers filter system effectively protects you against harmful airborne particles and the dreaded air pollution. Efficient active carbon filters isolate up to 99% of dust, ideal to protect your mouth and face from Dust, Haze, Allergies, Smoke, Pollution, Ash, Pollen, hazardous chemicals, heavy metal particles etc. Each scarf will be supplied with two filter inserts for free.
  • The length of the scarf is 28 inches which extends from the forehead to just below your shoulder blades with all-round circumference of 38 inches. The mouth piece filter insert slot is 8 inches wide and 3 inches long.
  • Our scarf is Easy to roll and Crease-resistant for easy carrying and storage. Because of fabric’s density, it occupies very less space in the purse.
  • Multi-Functional design – It can be worn as scarf and various style as cape top. Tutorial of How to Wear and How to Style -  Click Here


  • This scarf is a perfect head gear, while riding on your two wheelers in the scorching Indian summers. It’s made with a sweat-free Printed Chiffon fabric with breathable pores. Our scarf fabric is a non-allergenic and can be worn for long durations with ease.
  • The length of the fabric extends over your neck to below your shoulder blades, giving you an all-around adequate coverage and protection from Harmful UV B rays, Gusting Winds, Dust and Pollution.
  • Ideal for people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution levels.


  • Tutorial of How to Wear and How to Style -  CLICK HERE


  • Tumbler Wash and Low Temperature Ironing Only; Not Fire Resistant. Always wash your hand with soap and water before and after using the mask scarf.


  • This product design is applied for Design Patent under Intellectual Property India.

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